Artificial Intelligence Verification Solutions

Read Data from KTP Through OCR Technology

Improve user experience and save data input time through Verihubs OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which can extract all text data from a document automatically.

Maximize Your User Experience with OCR for ID Card Verihubs

Avoid Human Error from Manual Process

KTP data input becomes automatic and clearly legible when extracting data.

Increase the Number of Customer Registrations

Simplify the data input process for successful customer onboarding.

Shorter Onboarding Process

Improve customer experience with a faster process.

Can Detect Blur, Glare and Darkness

Detects unclear images before being processed by the system.

How Does OCR for Verihubs ID Card Work?

1. Upload a KTP photo

The user takes a KTP photo with a smartphone camera.

2. Data Extracting Process

The system will extract the text on the KTP photo into the intended form or system.

3. Flexible Edit Manual

Users can edit manually, if there is data that is not appropriate.


Account Registration

Account Registration

Register an online account more safely using the OTP code sent to the user or customer.

Send Booking Code

Send Booking Code

Confirm the customer's booking code with the OTP code when checking in at hotels and hospitals to continue online bookings.



As a security system when registering accounts and transactions. Can also be used for marketing promotion activities.

E-Commerce Marketplace

E-Commerce Marketplace

OTP SMS is used for online registration by customers, blasting business promotion activities and account log-in.

Has been Trusted by Large Companies in Indonesia

What Clients Say About Verihubs Products

As a business solution provider, Verihubs is one of our partners that offer affordable SMS rates compared to other providers out there. We have been partnering with Verihubs for 1 year, so far Verihubs has contributed most on delivering our SMS OTP notifications in our authentication system and business blast notifications to our customers (buyer and sellers) in Marketplace and Mitra app. They are very responsive in listening to our issues and pain points, also they help us by providing expected solutions for the services.
Annisa Desiani
Sr. Product Manager (Core)

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